Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Does Revit Just Close?

Revit seems to have good days, and bad days. It seems you never know what kind of mood it will be in. We have been having problems with Revit just closing. It gives no warning (this is not the crash where you are offered the option of saving a recover) IT JUST CLOSES. We have asked anyone and everyone if they have a solution or an explanation but no one has been any help. So, I will put the question to our new blog’s reader(s?): Please help me understand why Revit does this to me- some days I take it personally.


  1. This post from AUGI may help...

    I was also crashing until I played around with the QAT, not sure why or how this works but others have also had this issue solved by playing around with the QAT.


  2. Thanks, I will have to take a look at all this. Form a quick scan, it looks like it is a video/ display issue. I will update if we find a solution. What exactly did you do to your QAT to mediate the problem?

  3. We call that a DHRS (Double Handed Revit Slap!)
    a SHRS (Singled Handed Revit Slap) is when you just get and error message... :)

  4. I just selected the QAT and moved it from the top of the Ribbon to the bottom...for what ever reason this worked for me and a few others on AUGI.

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